How to Measure Pillow – Easy DIY Tips

How to Measure Pillow – Easy DIY Tips

You may not realize it, but knowing how to measure a pillow correctly is important for purchasing the right pillowcase or cover. Incorrect measurements can result in ill-fitting pillowcases that can be frustrating to deal with. In this guide, we will provide you with easy DIY tips to measure your pillows accurately and ensure that you find the perfect pillow covers every time. Whether you have square, rectangular, or specialty pillows, following these simple steps will help you get the right measurements effortlessly. Get ready to upgrade your bedding game with the proper pillow measurements!

Key Takeaways:

  • Measurements are vital: Taking accurate measurements of your pillow will ensure you get the right size pillowcase or cover.
  • Use a flexible measuring tape: A flexible tape measure is perfect for measuring pillows as it can easily conform to the shape of the pillow.
  • Consider pillow thickness: Don’t forget to measure the thickness of your pillow, especially if it is overstuffed or has a unique shape.

how to measure pillow easy diy tips - How to Measure Pillow - Easy DIY Tips

Preparing to Measure Your Pillow

Tools Required for Accurate Measurement

There’s nothing more frustrating than starting a project without the right tools. When considering measuring your pillow, accuracy is key. Tools you will need include a measuring tape, a ruler, and a flat surface to work on. These tools will ensure that you get precise measurements for your pillow.

Factors to Consider Before Measuring

With any DIY project, it’s important to consider certain factors before getting started. When considering measuring your pillow, there are a few key things to keep in mind. Factors such as the shape of the pillow, the type of filling it has, and any special features like gussets or trim all play a role in how you measure your pillow. It’s important to take these factors into account to ensure accuracy in your measurements.

  • Shape: Is your pillow square, rectangular, round, or another shape?
  • Filling: Is your pillow filled with down, foam, or another material?
  • Special Features: Does your pillow have gussets, trim, or any other unique elements?

Preparing to measure your pillow involves more than just grabbing a measuring tape. Factors like the shape, filling, and special features of the pillow can impact how you take your measurements. Taking these into consideration will ensure that you get accurate dimensions for your pillow project. Thou, overlooking these factors could lead to errors in your measurements and an ill-fitting pillow cover.

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How to Measure Your Pillow – Step-by-Step Guide

Measuring Pillow Length

Little details matter when it comes to measuring your pillow length accurately. To get this right, place your pillow on a flat surface and measure from one end to the other in a straight line. Make sure to include any protruding edges or fringes in your measurement for precise results.

Measuring Pillow Width

You should measure your pillow width by taking the measurement from one side to the other, ensuring it runs straight across the center. This will give you an accurate width for your pillow, which is crucial for finding the right pillowcase or determining how many pillows can fit on your bed.

Measuring pillow width is crucial for selecting the right pillowcase or determining the placement of pillows on a bed or a sofa. Make sure to measure the width at the widest point for an accurate measurement.

Determining Pillow Thickness

When determining the thickness of your pillow, measure from the top to the bottom, including any cushioning or filling. This measurement will give you a clear idea of how thick your pillow is, helping you choose the right pillow cover or assess its comfort level.

Avoid common mistakes by taking the time to measure your pillow accurately. Recall, the correct measurements are vital for buying the right pillowcases, ensuring a perfect fit, and guaranteeing a comfortable night’s sleep. Pay attention to the details to make the most of your pillows.

how to measure pillow easy diy tips nyc - How to Measure Pillow - Easy DIY Tips

Additional Tips for Measuring Pillows

Unlike measuring standard square or rectangular pillows, measuring decorative or unconventional pillows may require a bit more attention to detail. When measuring these types of pillows, consider any odd shapes, fringes, or embellishments that could affect the measurements. It’s also important to measure the fullest part of the pillow to ensure a snug fit in your new pillow cover. Take your time and measure twice to avoid any errors. Assume that these pillows may have non-removable covers or unique shapes that could be challenging to work with.

How to Measure Decorative or Unconventional Pillows

Assuming you are measuring decorative or unconventional pillows, pay attention to any unique features that could affect the measurements. Ensure that you measure the widest and longest parts of the pillow, especially if it has irregular shapes or embellishments. Be meticulous in your measurements to guarantee a perfect fit for your new pillow cover. For more tips on making a pillow cover, check out How to Make a Pillow Cover – In 15 Minutes Or Less!

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Dealing with Pillow Covers and Cases

Unconventional pillow shapes or sizes may pose a challenge when it comes to finding the right pillow cover or case. Be prepared to customize or alter standard pillow covers to accommodate these unique pillows. Consider using stretchy fabrics or sewing techniques to create a cover that fits your unconventional pillow perfectly. Pillow covers not only protect your pillows but also add a decorative touch to your space.

how to measure pillow easy diy tips cst - How to Measure Pillow - Easy DIY Tips

Summing up

Measuring your pillow is important to ensure you buy the right pillowcase or protector. By following these easy DIY tips, you can accurately measure the dimensions of your pillow, whether it’s square, rectangular, or round. Remember to measure both the length and width, and consider the thickness of your pillow as well. Having the correct measurements will make shopping for pillow covers a breeze and ensure a perfect fit every time. So grab your measuring tape and get started!


Q: Why is it important to measure a pillow accurately?

A: It is important to measure a pillow accurately to ensure you purchase the right size pillowcase or cover. A well-fitted pillowcase not only enhances the aesthetics of your bedding but also provides better protection for your pillow.

Q: How do I measure the size of a pillow?

A: To measure a pillow, place it on a flat surface and extend it to its fullest dimensions. Use a tape measure to measure the width, length, and height of the pillow. For pillows with irregular shapes, measure the widest points to ensure a proper fit for a cover or pillowcase.

Q: What tools do I need to measure a pillow accurately?

A: You will need a flexible tape measure to accurately measure the dimensions of a pillow. Make sure the tape measure is long enough to reach all sides of the pillow. Additionally, having a pen and paper handy to jot down the measurements can help ensure you don’t forget the dimensions when shopping for pillowcases or covers.

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