How to Make a Shirt Pillowcase – DIY Sewing Guide

How to Make a Shirt Pillowcase – DIY Sewing Guide

There’s nothing quite like repurposing an old shirt into a cozy and unique pillowcase for your home decor. In this step-by-step sewing guide, we will show you how to transform a shirt into a stylish pillowcase. With some basic sewing skills and a few materials, you can create a personalized piece that adds charm to your living space. Follow these instructions carefully to avoid any mishaps and enjoy the process of creating your very own shirt pillowcase.

Key Takeaways:

  • Repurpose Old Shirts: Instead of discarding old shirts, transform them into pillowcases to give them a new life.
  • Simple Sewing Technique: This DIY project requires basic sewing skills, making it suitable for beginners.
  • Customizable Design: Personalize your shirt pillowcase by choosing the shirt with your favorite design or pattern.

diy sewing guide for shirt pillowcases otl - How to Make a Shirt Pillowcase - DIY Sewing Guide

Preparing Your Materials

Choosing the Right Shirt

You want to choose a shirt that holds sentimental value or has a design you love. Make sure the shirt is clean and in good condition, as this will ensure that your pillowcase lasts a long time. Consider the size of the shirt as well, as larger shirts will make bigger pillowcases.

Gathering Sewing Supplies

Some crucial sewing supplies you will need for this project include a sewing machine, thread, scissors, pins, a ruler, and a pillow form. These items are crucial to ensure that your pillowcase turns out professional-looking and durable.

Shirt: Remember to remove any buttons or embellishments that could get in the way of sewing. Cut the shirt according to the size you want your pillowcase to be, leaving extra space for seam allowance. Make sure to measure and mark the fabric accurately before cutting to avoid mistakes.

diy sewing guide for shirt pillowcases fds - How to Make a Shirt Pillowcase - DIY Sewing Guide

Cutting and Measuring

Tips for Accurate Cutting

If you want to ensure precise and clean cuts when making a shirt pillowcase, follow these tips for accurate cutting. First, make sure you have a sharp pair of sewing scissors dedicated to fabric cutting only. Next, use a clear ruler or a rotary cutter and mat for straight lines. Mark your cutting lines with chalk or fabric markers for guidance. Always double-check your measurements before cutting to avoid any mistakes. Recognizing the importance of precision cutting will guarantee a professional-looking final product.

Factors to Consider for Sizing

For optimal sizing of your shirt pillowcase, consider the following factors. If you are using a sentimental shirt that you want to preserve, take into account the placement of graphics or logos on the shirt when deciding the size of your pillowcase. This will ensure you showcase the most meaningful parts of the shirt. Additionally, consider the size of the pillow insert you will be using to stuff the pillowcase. This will determine the final dimensions of your pillowcase. This attention to detail will result in a perfectly sized pillowcase that fits your needs.

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Consider the fabric pattern or print on the shirt and how you want it to be displayed on the pillowcase. If the shirt has large graphics, you may need to adjust the sizing to accommodate them appropriately. Pay attention to the seam allowances when cutting and sewing to ensure the final pillowcase size is as desired. This level of consideration will lead to a well-proportioned and visually appealing shirt pillowcase.

Sewing Your Shirt Pillowcase

Now, if you have successfully prepared the shirt pieces as per the instructions in the post on How to Sew a Memory Pillow Out of Shirts, it’s time to start sewing your shirt pillowcase.

Step-by-Step Sewing Guide

Step Instructions
1 Place the shirt pieces right sides together and sew around three sides, leaving the bottom open.
2 Turn the pillowcase right side out and press the seams for a crisp finish.
3 Stuff the pillow with a cushion insert through the open end.

Important Sewing Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Use high-quality thread to ensure durability.
  • Measure twice, cut once to avoid mistakes.
  • Backstitch at the beginning and end of each seam to secure the stitches.

Mind the needle size and type suitable for the fabric you are working with. The proper tension on the machine ensures even stitches throughout your project. The quality of your scissors is imperative to prevent fraying fabric. The finishing touches make a difference in the final product. Pay attention to these details for a successful outcome.

Customizing Your Pillowcase

Creative Ideas for Personalization

All pillowcases made from shirts can be customized to reflect your personality or match your bedroom decor. An easy way to personalize your pillowcase is by adding fabric appliques of your favorite shapes, animals or patterns. You can also try hand embroidering your initials or a favorite quote onto the fabric for a unique touch.

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Adding Decorative Elements

The The decorative elements you choose can elevate the look of your shirt pillowcase. Consider adding lace trim, buttons, or a contrasting fabric border to enhance the design. These details can give your pillowcase a finished and polished look.

Understanding that the key to a perfectly customized shirt pillowcase lies in the careful selection of decorative elements, which can truly make the pillowcase stand out. It’s important to not overcrowd the design, as simplicity often brings out the elegance in a personalized pillowcase.

diy sewing guide for shirt pillowcases hab - How to Make a Shirt Pillowcase - DIY Sewing Guide

Final Words

The process of making a shirt pillowcase through this DIY sewing guide is a fun and rewarding way to upcycle old clothing into a useful and sentimental item. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can create a unique and personalized pillowcase that adds a touch of nostalgia and creativity to your home decor. Remember to choose a shirt that holds special meaning to you or your loved ones, and take your time to carefully sew each step to ensure a professional-looking finish. So gather your materials, bring out your sewing machine, and start transforming your favorite shirt into a cozy pillowcase that will surely be a conversation starter. Happy sewing!


Q: What materials do I need to make a shirt pillowcase?

A: To make a shirt pillowcase, you will need an old shirt, scissors, a sewing machine or needle and thread, fabric marker or chalk, pins, and a pillow insert.

Q: How do I prepare the shirt for making a pillowcase?

A: Start by turning the shirt inside out and laying it flat on a surface. Use the fabric marker or chalk to trace a square or rectangle shape around the shirt, leaving extra space for seam allowance. Then, cut along the marked lines carefully.

Q: What is the sewing process for making a shirt pillowcase?

A: After cutting the shirt, pin the edges together with the right sides facing inwards. Sew along the pinned edges, leaving an opening to insert the pillow. Once sewn, turn the pillowcase right side out and insert the pillow. Finally, hand stitch or machine stitch the opening closed to complete the shirt pillowcase.